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Before wearing knee boots – zara men

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Before wearing knee boots …

First of all, I do not recommend these boots to those thick legs.

If you are shorter leg length boots to wear this style need to be a bit careful.

Otherwise, the fashion victim and short to show your height is not even work!  zara men

While wearing her dress above the knee boots by combining it with

The important point here is shorter than the length of your dress and covers over your boots. In this way, it would create a straight line, longer than your leg length may seem.

My suggestion for those with short legs again lengthwise; leather knee boots with the leather leggings or skinny jeans to complete.

The important thing here that you wear boots and pants / tights to be the same color

You can wear a long sweater or tunic on with this view will still have created the illusion.

Your choice of black to do so I suggest you make of dark colored boots.

Long-legged knee boots are a great choice for ambitious and yet very simple to appear due to a part of a team while wearing the name may need to pay attention to the point.  zara men

Long dresses, shirts, jean pants, and of course the outfits can be made of leather leggings choose the right one for you …
If you get above the knee boots for everyday wear style black colors make your choice if you have your benefits.


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