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Oxblood jackets, pants, skirts and dresses – mens fashion

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Oxblood jackets, pants, skirts and dresses are common.

Accessories come to the fore in this color that we see.

Oxblood color this season, especially in a shoe or bag in your wardrobe you should. Slipper shoes or stilettos in favor of these colors can make your choice.  mens fashion

This is consistent with the color of the shoes you’ll love jeans … Bag a bag in this color also can get without hesitation.

Oxblood is a lot of color in harmony part will be quite handy in the color of your bag.2013/2014 winter pastel would take on the mantle…

Make room for winter coats in pastel colors in your wardrobe! Our winter open house will be our favorite with both elegance pastel winter coats 2013 2014…

One of the most important trends of pastel-colored mantle transition to winter time, especially in the fall, so I think it is an excellent choice. I think before coming to our door midwinter do try to use these beautiful colors.

Pastel is a favorite of designer coats …  mens fashion

Victoria Beckham, Carven, Celine, Louis Vuitton and Gucci designer of the 2013 autumn winter creations we wink at this heartwarming with color coats, dark colors, those who prefer the stubbornness break looks like.

This season coats, especially baby pink, pale blue, salmon pink, lavender tones, such as pale green and pale yellow in color emerges.Pastel-colored coats, neutral colors … need not to ignore the compliance with, for example, black pants and black boots or boots can be enjoyed in the foreground with the color of your coat.


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