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Remember, the black color matches anything – shoes for girls

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Remember, the black color matches anything!

One other suggestion, for your comfort in the daily hustle and bustle of models or thick heels (very trendy this season) to take into account   shoes for girls

Ecru  to describe a little hard … White’s cream-colored or slightly gray stole this beautiful color, 2013/2014 Autumn-Winter season, the most striking of the colors doubt one …

Isabel Mirant from Valentino, Celine from Alexander McQueen ‘e can count a lot more famous designers to dress in the color of the screen in 2013 winter collection gave plenty of space.

Celebrities need in the community readily accepted in both street style, the color already this season, is one of the most ambitious even color trends!  shoes for girls

Just as “black is the color of winter judiciary” to be worn as plenty of summer break, light beige color to the winter season, although it will remind you of writing and plenty that can be worn in defiance of gloomy gray days.

The color of the screen is in a great fit, especially with the black color is obvious.

So it can be done without difficulty combinations tops. Just like white suits with almost any color of your screen How to use another favorite is white and white tones for use with …

Usually encountered in linen or silk fabric ecru color, any material you can think of in the winter of 2013 against our will. In particular, parts made of perforated mesh fabric, leather, and wool and mohair sweater coat to be seen at. Speaking of leather, light beige shoes and bags in the most remarkable pieces of the season … so monocle ongoing dressing is one color trend this winter dressed from head to toe color screen you can follow.


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